Thursday, March 7, 2013

Foodie Love from Savannah

Agh! I'm late again...
February's box came from Bridget in Savannah, Georgia
 here's the lovely note she included in my box. :)

 oh man.  It's like she KNOWS me.  Spicy kale chips did not last very long, and they were the kind of spicy that creeps up on you.   Pure green protein...I used to subsist on this back in my running days. Oh and the cutest little honey bear I've ever seen.

I can never really say it enough. I love tea.
 Oh. My. Gosh. No one's every sent me a honeycomb.  I just need to wait for a few more of my fellow sugar fiends to come over so we can devour this together.
 Mmm. Chocolate.  Enough said.

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