Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love Language

Gary Chapman states that there are 5 specific ways we choose to love each other. My mom's specific love language is giving gifts, which I find to be peculiar because she doesn't particularly care about receiving gifts.  I assume that this is just a quick and dirty way of saying, "I know most of you are my children, but this is just more cost effective than spending quality time with you."  

When I took the love language test, I scored a 1 for receiving gifts, which made it the lowest ranked love language for me me.  Trust me, I love a good gift, but I can be pretty picky.  I'm not the girl who likes to receive bouquets of flowers, and body wash/lotion gift sets tend to make me wonder if the gift-giver is trying to send a not-so-subtle message about my hygiene.  But I digress....

Mom is constantly giving gifts.  They're not all good.

This afternoon when we were looking underneath the couch, I found a rain stick.  It's a beautiful rain stick, made of bamboo, etched with the name of the island from which we bought it.  When we were in the Philippines, my mom saw this rain stick and said, "We should get this for your brother."

My brother. With the 2 motorcycles and the tattoo sleeves. SMH.

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