Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My mom is colorblind. She can differentiate all of the bright colors, but she often confuses the dark colors. Dark brown, navy blue, black, and sometimes even green, all look the same to her. If you've seen the way she dresses sometimes, it probably all makes sense now.
Packing for trips always seems quite a bit more difficult with her, she likes to maximize the weight and space in all of our luggage. This makes it quite difficult for someone like me, wanting to just throw everything I need in a duffel bag and go. She means well. Really, she does. She's a giver. My mom is not he sort of person who likes to show up empty handed. She wants to show up in every city bearing some token of appreciation for our hosts.  
We got off our flight from LA to Manila, and we both couldn't remember what color her check in luggage was. We typically take a picture of our precious cargo before we part with it at LAX, but this time, we forgot. I watched as my mom pointed at every single piece of luggage that was a similar size, saying, "no that's not ours. No, not that one either. You've already pointed at that one 3 times.". Finally, our porter grabbed a piece of luggage with a shiny gold ribbon tied to it.
It was BLACK.

We were both wrong.

I tried to imagine all of her solo trips, and how frustrating it must have been to try and find her luggage on her own.
My brothers and I might need to chip in and get her some fancy, brightly colored suitcases for her birthday. I'm thinking lime green.

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