Monday, August 19, 2013

The Gasoline Fairy

Since my mom's car broke down, she's been driving mine whenever she's in town. When she got back from her trip this time, I told her that the car really needs gas. So she takes it to the gas station and swipes her card. The gas pump clicks off and she looks up.

Forty-one cents.

She figures something's wrong with her credit card, so she tries another. The pump clicked off immediately. She goes in to talk to the cashier, who says maybe she should just try cash.

Then the cashier was confused.  He had even come out to the pump to help my mom pump the gas.
So my mom decided to just go. And when she turned on the engine, the gas tank was full!
"Did you put gas in the car?" she asked.
"No, I didn't have time," I answered.  "Maybe Jerry did."
So when my brother Jerry got home, we asked him.
"No, I didn't," he said.
"Then WHO did?!?" My mom asked.

Thank you for the tank of gas, whoever you are. Your generosity has confused the dickens out of my poor mother.

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